About Us

Botanical Artists started out as a very enthusiastic group on Facebook. After some time a Flickr group with the same title was created and now it is time for a blog.
This Blog will NOT be used for discussions or to show your latest painting. We have FB and Flickr for that. Here will be the possibility to comment on posts but if there are questions, people should go to FB, Flickr or mail the person he wants to ask something. This will be like a newspaper, not a discussion board.

We will delete any comments that we regard as rude, judgemental or disrespectful. Please respect the copyright on all images shown on this blog. Don't be a thief by copying the artwork you find here, on Facebook or on Flickr unless you have the authorization of the artist to do so.

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Enjoy our blog!

Sigrid Frensen and Dianne Sutherland Ball
Admins of this blog