Thursday, 25 August 2011


After the Facebook and Flickr group of Botanical Artists is was time for a fresh new blog. And here it is!

Now what can you expect on this blog?
  • Featured artist of the month. The icon of the groups on Flickr and FB can change with a picture of that artist's work. The blog can have a photo at the top of the sidebar on the right. Of course there will be also the interview and some examples of the artist's work on the blog.
  • We'll invite guest writer/bloggers. He or she can talk about what he wants. Could be another artist, old master, a book, inspiration, techniques.... you name it.
  • Of course there must be a place for exhibits and shows as well as courses run by our FB members.
  • News of all sorts (new books that are interesting for example)
  •  Historical articles
  • A page with links to all members, like the list we have on FB.

This blog will NOT be used for discussions or to show your latest painting. We have FB and Flickr for that. There will be the possibility to comment on posts but if there are questions, people should go to FB, Flickr or mail the person he wants to ask something. Also check out the About Us page of this blog.
This will be like a newspaper, not a discussion board.

We hope you will enjoy this blog as much as we did setting it up.

Dianne Sutherland Ball & Sigrid Frensen

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Julie Whelan said...

Fantastic blog and interesting reading; love your artwork :)